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  3. Thursday, 26 April 2018
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I’d never fished with soft plastics and thought I’d give it a go. I started fishing with Australian Squidgies brand around Christmas last year and after a couple of sessions to get the feel I started catching my target species, Dusky Flathead fairly regularly.I’ve had good success with both the Wriggler and Paddle Tail Squidgies, flicking around Botany Bay but they‘re a weak composition and Tailor (I think they’re your Blue Fish) bite the tails off and render them useless quick smart so I changed to the U.S. Zman soft plastics and Demonz jig heads a few weeks ago.They’re a super soft plastic and pretty tough and some of the colours glow in the dark. Sunday night just gone I used a Chartreuse Glow coloured 3” Minnowz Paddle Tail with a 1/4oz, 3/0 Hook, Chartreuse coloured, Demonz jig head for my first ever Flathead at night on a soft plastic. Not a world beater and the season has only just started with the water slow to warm this year but a respectable 49cm fish none the less and a lovely meal for beloved wife and myself.Yesterday after work I went for a flick using the same size Chartreuse Jig head with another 3” Minnowz Paddle Tail. This time, Electric Chicken colour and nailed a fat well-conditioned fish on my second cast. Again not a world beater but a solid 67cm fish.Anyhow, I’m still learning about Soft Plastics and only use 6lb line so it’s all pretty exciting for now. It’s a fairly popular way to fish here and I know many of you fish too and was wondering if you use soft plastics and which ones you use and what you target

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